June 2013




June 1st.

Where's this year gone, June the 1st already.


Finally after what seem like ages some of my beds are starting to look like a veg garden at last.


The brassicas and lettuce are growing away slowly, last year I was just about harvesting the 1st lettuce about this time.

Had a bit of a nightmare with slugs this year as you can see with the missing plants.

The peas are woefully slow and I've just sowed my second batch.

Again last year they were almost flowering this time but this year they're barely 6" tall.


The Shallots from seed are just starting to grow on a bit outside like the onion sets, but again like everything else, they're a mile behind last year.


The potatoes outside are finally growing now and the ones in the polytunnel are huge.

Still not ready though as the flowers have just appeared so it'll be another 2 weeks or so before I empty some out for a crop.

Last year I got my first ones on May 25th, so even in the tunnel it's 3 weeks behind.


The strawberries are enormous,well the leaves anyway, but the fruit seems a bit on the small side.

My leeks are slow this year and aren't big enough to plant out yet.

This is on top of me mistakenly pricking out more supposed leeks into the pot behind only to find out that they are now Spring onions......


The climbing French Beans seem to have developed Vertigo, but once the nights warm up they should start climbing.

And as I mentioned before, this year I've had more slugs than ever and lost a few plants.

So as the pellets don't appear to have worked and as I'm not a big fan of using them anyway I decided to have a go at the predatory nematode treatment to kill them.

Did a video of the process below, click to play, cheers.

June 10th.

Not much happening this week and I've lost my camera anyway.

Anyway I did a video update of the whole plot, polytunnel and greenhouse.

Click to play.


June 14th.

Well,weather still warm but the sun's disappeared and the rain is back but the garden has really perked up.


All the potatoes are flying along now and are all topped up with compost, the lettuces have responded to the rain and some are almost ready now.

The Red ones which were supposed to be Lollo Rosso seemed to be a favourite with the slugs as you can see.


Nothing beats a good watering from the skies and the brassicas have shot on as too the shallots from seed and the beetroot.


The early Nantes carrots have perked up a bit after a slow start and look healthy enough, if a little small.

I gave my Garlic a bit of a liquid feed of miracle grow to try to increase the bulb size.


The overwintered onions are a little ahead of the Spring sown ones and just starting to bulb now.

The climbing French beans in the polytunnel are now about 3 feet up the canes.


Still in the polytunnel the courgette in a big pot is motoring now and the potatoes are huge and should be about ready to lift in a week or so.


The first ripe Strawberries are now coming in the tunnel and the second sowing of peas were up in about 4 days compared with the first sowing in April which just didn't happen.


The large show onions are doing well so far,this one being one of the biggest at the moment.


My flower patch is still miles behind last year with the poppies and iris still waiting to flower.


So finally the veg plot is starting to look like a veg plot.

I transplanted my Leeks out last week,it's a bit of a faff but worth doing.

Did a vid of the process below.



Stop Press.

June 16th.

The first positive moment on the plot this year.

The harvest of my first early potatoes....and it wasn't a disaster.

June 22nd.

Things really growing well now in last weeks warm sunny weather.


Finally my poppies are flowering as are the Iris but still not a single Bumble bee in sight.


One crop that seems to be thriving is my potatoes.

I've got Golden Wonder, Kestrel, Sarpo Mira, Pink Fir Apple and some Charlotte new potatoes growing.

I'm watering them well as they're in 35 litre pots so that they don't dry out.

Should have a good crop if the Blight stays away this year.


Picked my first lettuce of the year last night.


So finally some of the beds are starting to look like a proper veg plot after a slow start.

About time too.

Did a quick Video of the whole plot below.

Click to play, Cheers.


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