June 2011





Ok It's not quite June yet but it's near enough,so here's a quick slideshow of what's growing fruit,veg & flower wise around the plot.

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It may look like I've had an  attack by rabbits but that's just me harvesting the 1st of my Kale.


This is the 1st time I've ever grown it and it was also the 1st time I've ever eaten it.

I was pretty impressed as it tasted like really strong spring cabbage,and apparently you can just keep picking it and using it when you like.


Finally got my leeks transplanted out about 9" apart in rows 12" apart.

The rocket is ready for picking but this was a different variety to last year and it's bloody awful !!

Did a video of the old Leek transplanting below.


The potatoes in the big 35l pots are really flying along.


The onions took a bit of a battering in the recent gales and their leaver were all bent but to be honest I was glad to have had anything left.

Starting to get the odd flower stem on the shallots which is BAD !


Over in the polytunnel the Courgette is moving on well and the corriander is growing fast.


The carrots are all thinned out now and not succumbed to any slug attacks and at last I have a few strawberries appearing on the few plants that survived last Winter.


All my neglected flowers are starting to come out now which is good as they attract loads of bees and beneficial insects apart from being nice to look at.


It looks like it's gonna be another bumper year for the fruit again as I've got loads on the bushes and all the rain is swelling them nicely.


My cucumber is climbing the cane in the tunnel but I'm not too sure how it would fare in the weather we've had the last 2 weeks outside.

This has been the general view of the sky.....grey,wet and windy !!


Anyway things are going OK and after all the gales I'm happy enough.

June 5th.

With the rain recently and now a few days of sunshine my Brassicas are really motoring along.


The Hispi Cabbage are just starting to heart up and the broccoli have just started to form the central heads.


Thinned the lettuce out to their final positions and the Cos lettuce should be ready in a fortnight or so.

I also dug out all the Rocket which was awful to eat and sowed some more,the same variety as last year.

Peas romping on.


Finally the Spring onions are growing a bit.

I also planted out my Butternut Squashes 2 to a giant 75 litre bag of compost so It'll be interesting to see how they get on.


The exhibition carrots are growing well despite the recent wind and I planted out the Giant Marrow and Squash plants this week.


Idiot proof flowers still going bonkers.


So overall things are doing ok.

Did a few more vids of different things,click to play,cheers. 


June 11th.

Thinks are ticking over nicely at the moment but last night there was a frost 30 miles away and it got near to one here with my max min thermometer reading 1.2 C.....nearly Mid Summers day too...bloody ridiculous !!


Over in the protection of the tunnel my Courgette plant in a pot has already got a couple of fruit on.

The climbing french beans have almost reached the top of the 6 foot canes so I put some strings from the top to the middle of the tunnel roof and I'll train the stems across these so I get another 6 feet of growth and the beans then hang down beneath the leaves and are dead easy to pick.


Peppers and chilli plants are finally starting to move on a bit and at last I have the 1st Strawb starting to ripen up.


Starting to get plenty of decent sized spuds out of the tunnel to now.

Pulled all the exhibition shallots up as they were about the right size.


But what pleased me most this week was the transformation of my tadpoles into froglets with the emergence of their legs.

Pretty chuffed with the pic too as I only have a cheap camera.

Anyway I did another video of the plot this week and also how I make my netted butterfly protectors for the cabbages,so just click the vid to play.Cheers.



June 18th.

Well,at last I've started to harvest plenty of veg this week.


Cut the 1st head on the Brocolli,it was almost 6" across.

This is a new variety to me "Aquiles" and I'll be definately be growing it again as the plants are only about a foot tall yet they produce enormous primary heads and as you can see there are loads of secondary spears growing to continue the cropping.Cracking variety.


Also cut my 1st Cabbage "hispi" another really good variety with compact tender hearts,seed is a bit pricey but well worth it.

An I cut the 1st Little Gem lettuce too.


The potatoes in pot trial is looking really good judging by the height of the leaves,really flying along and the pathetic little onion setts I planted are doing fine,so It goes to show you don't need a big sett to get a decent onion.


Getting the 1st flowers on the Climbing French Beans and also my peas so it should only be a bout 10 days until these are cropping too.


So this is tonights harvest and I'm really chuffed.

Strawberries,Courgettes and a few little finger carrots too.

I did a video of the harvest below,please have a look,Cheers.


June 25th.

Well,the harvesting continues a plenty.


I've eaten more broccoli than ever.The central heads are absolutely huge,yet still really tight.

This is a really cracking variety called Aquiles and as you can see they are not a big plant only being around 12-15" tall yet producing massive heads and now secondary spears.

Definately growing these again.


Courgettes starting to appear almost daily now....oh great,how I love these tasteless veg.

But my peas have hundreds of flowers now so these should start to pod up in a couple of weeks.


Decided to sow another row of climbing beans where my potatoes have been harvested in the tunnel to extend the season a bit as the 1st sowing are now just starting to produce beans but usually finish by September.

The second lot should give me another 6 weeks or so.


Sowed some more kale to replace the ones outside in a few weeks and also some new rocket to replace the horrible variety I grew earlier this year.

On the herb front I have had so much parsley and corriander that I decided to preserve it in a new novel way.

I did a video of the process below.

Click to play it,Cheers.


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