June 2010 




May 30th.

Ok,not quite June yet but....

It's RAINING !!  At last !!

             rocket plant             lettuce plant

Despite the recent 8 week drought my rocket and lettuces are growing away pretty well and I've thinned them to about 6",and I'll finally thin to about a foot apart once they start touching,and I'll eat the thinnings as a small crop.

     garlic plant     shallot plants     onion plants

My shallots,garlic and onions are doing OK but really need a good soaking to make them swell a bit.

             courgette plant             climbing french beans

The courgette plants that were frosted in the pokytunnel were replaced with some spare ones I grew as a back up and are really shifting now,as are the Climbing French beans which although being next to the courgettes weren't affected by the frost at all....strange one that ?


So the tunnel's starting to look a bit more productive than it did a few weeks ago.

The tiny row of potatoes at the far right end are nearly ready too.

             corriander plant             parsley plant

I planted the corriander and parsley at the front of 2 of the beds so I can harvest it and then freeze it as well as using it fresh.

It really does seem to freeze well and you can have a good supply all over the winter.


Finally got the peppers planted out,they've been really slow from seed this year for some reason.

Last year I even managed to get some to go red,but I don't think I'll manage it this year.

Just need the strawberrys to plump up and ripen.

                          tomato truss flowers

Over in the shared Greenhouse I have about 4sq yds of space in this year I seem to be growing my best tomato plants of all time.

They're already waist high with 2-3 trusses on.

This is the 1st time I've ever grown them in a Greenhouse and I'm amazed at the results,I've tried them in the tunnel but they don't seem to like it in there.


And finally my idiot proof-never weed flower garden is about to erupt.

I've never seen as many poppy heads appearing and Iris too.

That's my show spuds,carrots and shallots behind all seeming to be doing ok so far on the show veg front.

June 5th.

Well amazingly it put a little bit of rain down during the week and even that small amount made things grow a bit faster on my drought ridden plot.


The salad stuff and beetroot seem to be going OK and the Rocket is almost ready to start picking.


I've earthed up the potatoes now by drawing soil up against the stems into a big ridge so that any spuds will now grow under the soil and not be open to the light and go green.

The peas "Hurst Greenshaft" are going bonkers and I just wrap string arount them as they grow to keep any stragglers upright.


The netted cabbage protectors are doing their jobs as there are loads of frustrated white butterflies flying around unable to get in.

Planted out a few Butternut squash plants in the polytunnel,to be honest this is one crop that has disappointed me the last couple of years with either thrip damage or a lack of male flowers appearing when the female fruit flowers appear, hence no pollination of the fruit.


The climbing french beans "Cobra" are motoring up the canes and are now about 3ft tall.

I'm really pleased with the leeks I transplanted as they are growing away well and are a really dark green almost blue colour.

These are a new variety to me "Longbow" which apparently have extraordinarily long stems.

We'll have to see.


Well,I was hoping for my 1st ripe strawberry before June but I managed one by the 3rd,and a pretty big 'un too.

Anyway here's a quick vid of the plot as of June 3rd below,just click the play button to see it.Cheers.



June 12th.

Well,what a week,50 mph gales battering the plot.

I was lucky to get away with what I did.


My potatoes got a real battering but should recover,but most of my onions got bent over or snapped.


On a more positive note though I did manage to pick the 1st Rocket of the year and a carrier bag full of Corriander and Parsley which will be frozen for use later on.

Getting a few more Strawbs from the tunnel too,compared to the absolute crap they sell in the supermarkets which seem to be some kind of rock hard white centered tasteless things these are in a different league.......they actually taste like a Strawberry.


The 1st Courgette has appeared....yippee...I personally can't stand the damn tastless things.

The Butternut Squashes have gone bonkers and are really moving.


The sweetcorn I sowed a couple of weeks ago has emerged,I probably sowed it too late but as I'm going to plant it in the polytunnel where the potatoes have been It should be OK.

The spuds should be ready in a week or so.


I can't believe the size of the Cabbages that I've got protected under some netted cloches.

The trouble is that the leaves are actually touching the mesh so the bloody Cabbage White could lay it's eggs on them.

I made them 3 feet wide but the plants are so big they've outgrown them.


The Little Gem Lettucesare just about starting to heart up and at last !! the Spring Onions are growing.

All the Gardening books say sow spring onions at 2 week intervals as though they grow like radishes.

Well,not with me,they seem to take an age to grow.


So,given the Gales and the drought I suppose things are doing as well as could be expected.

June 20th.

Well,not much to report other than it's still not bloody rained.


The climbing french beans have raced to the top of the canes so now I'll train them across the wires horizontally above my head.

Flowers are starting too so there should be some beans soon.


The peas are now flowering and about waist height and all the salad stuff is going bonkers.


And over in the Quarter of a greenhouse I'm sharing ,the tomatoes are absolutely amazing.

By far the best I've ever grown and they're a good 4 ft tall with about 4 trusses on and some pretty big tomatoes too.


I've honestly never had stems as thick as this nor trusses as long,one of the Gardeners Delight trusses is 3 feet long already and only has a few fruit set on it.Crazy !!

June 25th.

Well we are now officially in a Drought situation in Yorkshire !!! Hosepipe bans ? what's an 'osepipe ?


As I expected some of my onions are bolting due to the dry soil but perversley so far,I'm growing the biggest best cabbages ever.

Presumably they send a really deep root system down to find the water....honestly they are enormous,3ft wide already and the green Minocole variety is hearting up well already......crazy stuff !!


And joy of joys,inside the polytunnel I'm starting to harvest the Courgettes at a rate of about 4 every other day.I bloody hate Courgettes !!


My early spuds are flowering so they should almost be ready,but given the drought they're probably only pea sized.


Still getting plenty of strawberries out of the tunnel but a Blackbird discovered them and ate about 2lbs and snapped the plants to buggery.

Had to put some chicken wire up around the entrance to deter the little sod.

So here we are in the Yorkshire Dales in a drought situation.we've honestly had 1 day of rain in the last 3 months.

Bonkers !


That's everything that's gone on this week folks,thanks a lot for taking a look.

I'll do my best to keep the weekly updates coming,thanks.


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