July 2011





July 1st.

Well,July has come so quickly.

As usual at the start of a new month a new mind numbing video of the state of play.Click below to play it.


It's been a bit of a fruit harvesting session the last week.


Picked about half a carrier bag of Gooseberries and a couple of pounds of Blackcurrants.

Made some cracking Gooseberry Chutney...Vid below.


Still on the fruit side of things,my solitary plum tree has got hundreds of fruit on it,so many that the branches are bending and snapping under the weight already.

Never seen 'owt like it.


Over on the trial growing Butternut Squash in giant bags of compost,things seem to be going a bit slowly so far,but considering that the night temps are still down to 6C even in July I'm not surprised.

The trial growing spuds in 35 litre pots seems to be fantastic so far.

Huge amounts of top growth.

I decided to make a proper manly cooking video using my Gooseberries to make some Chutney for mi curry.

Please click below to view this culinary masterpiece.


July 9th.

Well we've had about 6" of rain in the last week and sunshine inbetween and warmer nights.

Absolutely perfect growing conditions.


So everything's really grown well and I've been harvesting plenty.


The first Icebergs and absolutely loads of secondary spears of Broccoil plus some spuds from a pot.

I keep banging on about the Broccoli but you must grow it next year variety "Aqiles" fantastic.


Got the first cucumber set on the plant and they are only a mini variety so I don't think they get much bigger,but you do get dozens apparently.

The world's most boring veg the courgette is producing loads too.


Starting to get the first french beans too "Cobra" and they've now been trained another 6 feet horizontally overhead so plenty of beans to come.

Believe it or not there are only 4 plants there.


The peas "Hurst Greenshaft" are almost ready now,just a few more days for the peas to swell a bit more.

But check out the number of peas in a pod...11...cracking !!


My giant Sunflower "TITAN" has started to form a flower head and apparently these can be up to 2ft 6" across !!

We'll see.

And I emptied out a single 30 litre pot of potatoes to find to my amazement that after just 10 weeks I managed  five and a half pounds.

Did a video below.Please click to have a look.Cheers.


July 16th.

Well,the middle of July now and by all accounts Summer has ended and we're about to get a month of Autumnal weather..


Started to pull a few Beetroot,nothing fancy,just "Bolthardy" variety which cost about 49p from Wilkos.

Also picked some of the climbing french beans variety "Cobra" these are such an enormous cropper that I only grow 4 plants up 4 canes and this produces more than enough beans for 3 of us 3 times a week.


Having a dry stone walled field bordering horses means that from time to time the walls fall down and I need to rebuild them,or pay a joskin 30+ a metre for to do it.I think not !

This time it was the newborn foal with a guilty look and an itchy arse that had knocked it down,so I needed to cobble it back up before the sheep got in.


I'm not the best waller in the world but I'll give it a go and find it therapeutic for about ten minutes.

Anyway I managed to make it sheep proof once again in about an hour.


So the harvest continues.

Did a quick video of the Polytunnel below.

Click to play,Cheers.



July 23rd.

Into mid Summer and what weather,absolutely chucked it down all week and not a single minute of sunshine.


The second crop of lettuce seem to like the rain and have flown along,just basic Little Gems and some salad bowl for the second batch as I find that Iceberg don't do so well for me in August if and when it does get really hot.

The brocolli finally finished producing spears and my last cabbage literally exploded,so I've replaced them with another batch of cabbage and some more Kale for Autumn and early winter.

Also planted out some Brussel Sprout plants today,never had any success with them before as they always seem to blow on me so hopefully this late planting might work out better.


The Leeks are doing better than ever before,these are a new variety to me called Autumn Giant RAMI 3 ??? daft name but they are almost ready to harvest now after just around 18 weeks from sowing.

A few of the red onions are starting to swell nicely which is always welcome as they can tend to go to seed in hot,dry weather......Oh yeah probably why they havent then.


The trial butternut squast growing in big bags of compost seem to have perked up and now have some tiny fruit forming,so hopefully this might be a successful way of growing them in the future.

Started picking peas by the bucket full.

I did a video of my new patented plastic pea picking pouch and the latest fashion in the Yorkshire Dales below.

Click to play it.Cheers.


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