July 2013




July 1st.

Ok,June 30th but near enough....

Things really started to grow well in the recent warm weather and the odd heavy rain.


Finally got the first pea flowers on my Hurst Greenshaft peas.

And the second row I sowed is racing along compared with the April sowed first batch.


The first lettuces are now being eaten apart from the Iceberg which should be ready in a week or so.

Sowed another 3 rows to have a continuous crop hopefully right through Summer.


The Banana Shallots from seed are growing well now after transplanting from the modules and should be ready around August time.


Some of the Beetroot are now ready.

These were all grown in modules and transplanted, judging by their vigour it seems the way to grow them, It's the first time I've tried it but I'll be doing it this way from now on.


The potatoes in the pots are enormous now and I'm keeping them well watered as they really use a lot of water.

Have been eating the Rocket spuds from the polytunnel for a while now but now run out.

Did a video of the first harvest below.


The Courgette growing in the polytunnel hasbeen producing the first fruit already and the climbing French Beans "Cobra" have reached the top of the canes and are now being trained overhead on strings for a bigger crop overhead.


The first Broccoli heads are starting to form on the Aquiles Broccoli, once these are cut you still keep getting plenty of side shoots forming for a smaller follow on crop.


The overwintered onions are almost ready to harvest as they've really bulbed up in the last few weeks.

The Strawberries from the bargain plants I bought for 25p each have produced a bumper crop in the tunnel with some massive ones from just one year old plants so I'll be getting some more of those next year as it's easier than taking my own runners.


Really happy with the tomatoes in the Greenhouse in the big 30 litre pots and I've got some decent sized Beefsteak tomatoes forming already on the "Marmande" plants.


Over on the show onion front the giant ones are growing well but I've had a total disaster with the Kelsae show ones.

Anyway I decided to try to tackle the slug and snail problem around my plot and have constructed a gastropod Electric Fence around the raised bed.

Did a video of the thing and the shocking results.

Click vid to view below.



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July 7th.

Not had much time to take any photos this week but have been harvesting plenty of veg.

So here's a video update of this weeks goings on including the giant marrow progress and the ongoing show onion disaster.


July 15th.

What wonderful weather.


My garlic is getting huge, the Solent White is now 2ft 6" tall and still growing so hopefully the bulbs will be as big below.

2nd lot of Lettuce growing away well and just got a few of the first batch left to harvest.


Sowed a few Turnips and they're flying along.
I do like carrot and turnip mashed.

Cut the first of the "Aquiles" Broccoli and side shoots are already forming so there should be a continual crop for a few weeks.


In the greenhouse the first Winter Squash are forming and my Shirley tomatoes are doing well so far.


Been harvesting the Beetroot lately.These were the ones I grew in modules and transplanted and it seems a really good way to grow them as they have matured a lot quicker than in previous years.

My Early Nantes carrots are just about ready to pull.


The banana Shallots are starting to bulb up now and look better than last year.

If you try something different then give these a go as they keep for ever and are huge.

Spuds in pots are ridiculously tall now, absolutely flooding them with water daily.

Anyhooo did a video tour of the plot and greenhouse and the giant Marrow.

Vid below, Click to play. Cheers.

July 27th.

Just a quick update as it's been a while.


Basically everything seems to be growing fantastically with all the glorious weather lately and I'm cropping everything aplenty.

Just a quick update on the show veg and giant marrows.


I've now got 4 marrows set,these are the 2 biggest and are only 14 days old and really putting some weight on fast.


Giant onions still bulbing up , don't think I'll beat my record of 9lb 2oz but who knows.

More show veg stuff in the other section.

Anyway I'll finish off with a video of a tour of the whole plot, warts and all.

Click below to watch,.




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