July 2010




July 3rd.

Wahey !!! It's rained for the 1st time in ages.


Planted out my Sweetcorn Plants,albeit probably a bit too late but we'll see.I planted them in a square block which apparently aids with the pollenation.

My solitary Aubergine plant has sent out a few amazing spiky purple flowers.


The first french beans are ready now and with this variety "Cobra" I should have a constant supply for a good 6-8 weeks now.


Got my 1st cucumber fruit set,it looks like a really spiny ugly little thing but in about 10 days it'll be ready and taste great.

Harvested another great load of Corriander too,It really goes mad in the polytunnel.


Dug the 1st potatoes up as well,really yellow waxy spuds,variety Nicola.

The peas are starting to form loads of pods so when they fill I'll have loads.


Garlic seems to be doing well with loads of healthy foliage,I had a scrat about to see how the bulb was and it wasn't doing so bad and with a bit more rain they should swell a bit more.

And despite the recent drought I've got a few beetroot almost ready,about golf ball size at the moment.


My tomatoes seem to be doing ridiculously well and are so early.

I remove the leaves up to the 1st truss,not only does it aid air circulation and ripening but it really does seem to make the trusses heavier.


I decided to harvest my shallots even though they hadn't died down naturally.

Usually I just leave them but with me they always seem to split again into 2 and get enormous and don't store well at all,so this year as I noticed that they have stopped growing any more leaves from the centre and have reached a decent size  I decided to pull them all up.

Now I should have plenty of time to get them really well dried out and hopefully theu'll store well pver Winter for a change.

July 9th.

Well,I dropped my camera this week so I couldn't take any photos I'm afraid.

So you'll have to put up with my soothing Yorkshire accent and watch my latest video round up I'm afraid.

Just click on the video below to see this weeks offering.


July 17th.

Well,since we had a hosepipe ban imposed on us it hasn't stopped raining.

It must have put a foot of rain down in the last fortnight.....typical !!


The harvesting has started in earnest with some decent beetroot coming out and loads of the climbing french beans.

The beets were just bog standard "Boltardy" from Wilkos at 49p a packet.


The 1st cucumber cut,"Marketmore" they are only about 8" long but there are plenty more fruits on the plant.And the 1st cherry tomatoes "Gardeners Delight" at last a chance to eat som toms that taste of tomato rather than the crap they sell in the shops.

And the first carrots which are in fact some spare seed left over from last years exhibition carrots "Sweet Candle" which obviously haven't developed fully yet as they are a stump root variety.


Have been picking the peas for about a week now and I'm getting almost a carrier bag full every other day thanks to all the rain lately.

And I've got an Aubergine fruit set.Looks like Darth Vader to me !


Over on the Brassica side my Broccoli is starting to form some decent sized heads and hopefully once these are cut some side shoots should appear.

I've learned from previous experience never to let broccoli of calabrese spears turn into flowers as this just seems to stop them producing any more.

And my "Minocole" cabbages are ready to cut.

These are the best I've ever grown despite the drought and are almost football sized.


My Little Gem Cos lettuce are almost finished and just about to go to seed as the middle is starting to push upwards.The next sowings should be ready in a week or two though.


I'm really impressed with the Leeks I grew this year for the 1st time "Longbow" although not massive they're pretty big for this time of year and look like they could a good variety.

Over on the novelty Giant Red Onion attempt they're still growing..

July 24th.

Not much to report this week so I've done another video with everything on it including the giant Pumpkin attempt and the exhibition onions.

Just click to play.


That's everything that's gone on this week folks,thanks a lot for taking a look.

I'll do my best to keep the weekly updates coming,thanks.


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