January 2013




January 10th.

Well,here we go again,another year.

Not much happening at the moment,not been up to the plot for over a month but it's all dug over so that's the main job done.

The only things growing are my Exhibition show onions.


These were sown from my own seed from the winning onions back in 2011.

I sowed them on December 14th and now about 70 of the strongest have been pricked out into 3" pots and now have their 2nd true leaves just starting to grow.


I also sowed some of My mate Paul's seed frpm his 10lb onion 2 weeks prior to my own and some of these are really flying along already.

Anyway that's about it for now.

January 16th.

Had a trip up to the plot for the 1st time in about a month.

Here's a quick video of what's happening......or not up there.,click to play.

January 25th.

As I write this drivel at 9pm it is dumping snow like no-ones business and apparently it'll turn to rain tomorrow.

I went up to the plot yesterday for a quick look.


This is the unthawed snow which fell over 2 weeks ago and still hasn't gone.


One thing that has been growing is the purple sprouting broccoli under one of my cloches.......but.........as you can see the one on the right has been completely eaten, but by what ?.

After finding some small droppings I set some traps and today I found one of the culprits.


Field mice.....big fat field mice.

I don't like to kill anything,but vermin eating my crops is a no no,so they'll need to be eradicated and these new super powered mouse traps will mean a very swift and humane end for the little buggers.





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