January 2012



January 6th.

Well,into another Year.

The weather has been atrocious with constant rain and gales up here,so I've not even been up to the plot for about a fortnight.

Time to get some supplies in.


I finally found a supplier of Levington Professional compost reasonably locally to me,well actually in Preston,an hours drive away.

Anyway not only did they sell various types of that compost but they had amazing prices for everything else you could possibly want for the garden.

So I stocked up on vermiculite,perlite,top soil,John Innes,Humax and decided to buy a humungous bottle of Maxicrop Seaweed Extract.

I used to pay about a tenner for 1 litre bottles so this 10 litre monster at just over 30 quid was a complete bargain.

I also bought a bottle of SB Plant Invigorator which has had reports of amazing success against many pests including the dreaded thrips,plus it's non-toxic and totally safe to use.


So I'm quite a few quid lighter in the pocket but have enough stuff to last me for years now.

Jan 12th

Managed to get up to the plot in the rain to do a few bits and pieces.


Only to find that amazingly with all the mild weather I have some Daffs that are about to flower !!...in January !!

I picked the rest of the Kale that's still been growing well but needed to come out so I could dig over the last bit of ground.

Can't believe the Kale,this has been harvested constantly from June to Jan..amazing stuff.


With all the rain we've had up here the water barrels are filling up quickly.Since I put them on the plot about 6 weeks ago they have filled up by a good 12".So that's 2" a week.

Given that everywhere in the country seemed to have a dry summer,and up here It was the wettest in memory..1600mm of rain at a local weather station only, 15 miles away compared with central England with a mere 400mm,I decided to buy myself a wireless automatic emptying rain guage...Wahey !!

This way I can actually log how much rain we do get up here and laugh at the weather forcasters comments about Barbeque Summers...


The Garlic and Overwintering onions I planted under the protection of the mini tunnels that I made are absolutely flying along.

The garlic's getting on for 10" in height with a good 6 leaves on...crazy.


And similarly with the Sprouting Brocolli I'm already getting the start of a few sprouts appearing this early on.


One horrible job I have got out of the way is to refill all my Show Carrot containers with sharp sand...6 tonnes in all and 3 tonnes of new stuff that needed barrowing across the field.

Also at home my exhibition onion seedlings are doing well under the lights.


So over in the main bed,that's it,bare and dug over.

I've added loads of horse muck and compost,and having a quick scrat around I saw that it was full of worms,so hopefully it should be in pretty good nick come April when it all starts again.

Anyway I did a quick video of how things stand at the moment,click to play.

I've got myself a Facebook Page click the link if you're interested,Cheers.


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