January 2010 




Jan 10th

Well,nothing posted all month and not much to report I'm afraid.


My entire plot has now been covered in snow for over 3 weeks now so I really don't know when I'm going to get my Winter digging finished off.


The temperature on my max/min thermometer was -17.4 the other night !!!

Normally the water butts freeze with a layer of ice on the top but this year they are frozen solid and the ice is actually lifting out of the top of the butts.


Amazingly the show shallots are starting to sprout,the trouble is they've just been put into the tunnel after being in my porch for the last 3 weeks so they're in for a shock.

Jan 13th.

Well,seeing as there's no outdoor stuff to be done I thought I'd get started on sieving my compost for my Exhibition Carrots in good time as it's a pretty tedious job


This year I decided to make myself an industrial sized riddle.

I cut the bottom out of a Supermarket delivery crate and fixed a panel of 6mm galvanized mesh over the hole.


Compared to last year which took me almost a whole day using a tiny little sieve, combined with compost which seemed to be about 90% twigs,this year it was a breeze and it only took about an hour.


Like last year I just used bog standard multipurpose compost,this year however I used B&Q stuff which seems to be far superior and finer than last years stuff as I only sieved out about 20 litres of lumps.

It's also pretty high in peat content which won't please all the tree-huggers out there but it does make for better compost,as opposed to the recycled household waste based stuff which seems to have around 25% crisp packets,cat litter and broken glass in the mixture.

So that's about 150 litres of fine sieved compost done,which when mixed with all the sand and vermiculite will be around 200 litres of mix,which is more than enough for me.

Jan 22nd.

Well,not much going on at the moment,all the snow's gone so finally I managed to dig over one of my beds.


My potatoes arrived,if a bit early so It was time to chit them.

Simply by standing them up in a seed tray or egg box with the eyed end upwards and leaving them in a cool,bright,frost free place.

If you were to just leave them in the bag or somewhere dark or warm then all you'd get would be long straggly shoots which are useless,Chitting helps to produce small dark green shoots which helps the spud grow away readily when it comes to planting time.


So that's about it.Have a look at my video of me digging over the plot with the dog below.


That's it for this week folks.........

Thanks a lot for looking.



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