February 2012



February 1st.

Well,still not much happening on the plot yet.

Managed to log Januarys rain with my new rain gauge and we had 120mm in total or just short of 4.7".


So as you can see the ground's not had any chance to dry out with only 10 dry days,and all those were when it froze so the ground is still sodden.

Anyway it looks like we're in for a dryer,if cold spell so hopefully it might dry out a bit.


I've been keeping the birds well fed this Winter and we now have a few resident Robins.

Managed to get this pic and It's gotta be the best photo I've ever taken.I was well chuffed with it.

Feb 4th.

Well,due to the impending snowfall not much going on.


Last weekend I went to one of these "Potato Days" nearby and bought myself a few heritage spuds.

I got some Salad Blue which have a blue skin and even blue flesh after cooking so they should be a novelty.

I also got some Golden Wonder which are supposed to make amazing Crisps...surprise surprise and a few pink fir apple.

I'll just grow these in containers as a bit of a novelty.


I found some mini CFL Growlights on ebay which will be ideal to hang over my few tomato and pepper plants that I grow at home on the windowsills.

They're the correct light spectrum for vegetative growth being 6400K and they give out plenty of light despite only being 30 Watts.


So I've cobbled together a reflective box that I can put behind the plants and give them some supplementary light.

Should stop them going leggy and make better plants.

Well,we'll see how much snow gets dumped on us all tonight.

Feb 11th.

Well,Im really getting fed up with all this "Global Warming"

Got down to -11.5 c the other night on the plot,so it's all frozen solid and nothing much to do.


I came up with a novel way of drying chillies out....just leave them on the plant and let the plant die !


Worked a treat and they were all really shrivelled and dried to perfection.


All my seed potatoes arrived yesterday from JBA so I've stood them all eye end upwards in 24 cell modules to chit in my porch.

I'm growing 10 different varieties this year,Kestrel,Blue Belle,Amour,Pink fir apple,Salad Blue,Nicola,Golden Wonder,Swift and Red  duke of York.

I did a video about "Chitting" for anyone who's not sure what it is.

Click below to play.

Feb 13th.

WOW !!!

Well,today I got a package from Holland.

And upon opening it realised that last year I joined the EGVGA....The European Giant Veg Growing Association.

I only did this because I'd heard that a lot of the growers of the biggest record breaking veg were members and that they freely distribute their prize winning seed amongst members.

So after I paid my 15 Euro subs I expected the odd marrow or Pumpkin seed.


This is what they sent me.

Some Highlights are Pumpkin seed from Pumpkins weighing 1581,1335,1308,1329,1284,1146,1085 pounds,plus numerous others down to 600 lb.

Marrow seeds from 159,91,71 68 pounds.

Gourd seeds from the European Record holder at 122" long plus one from a 94 incher.

Tomato seed from 4.5,4 & 3.6 pounders.

Seed from a 75 pound Swede.

World Record Kohl Rhabi seed.

Giant Cucumber,Radish,Pepper,Carrot,Parsnip,Beetroot & Pot Leek seed.

Plus some other stuff.

So not a bad deal for 15 Euros.

Feb 18th.

Well after the big freeze and now a few dry and relatively warm days it was about time to start to roughly prepare my soil for this year.


Thankfully all the frost and deep freezing has made it easy to break the soil down with the 3 pronged hand cultivator.

I'll just go through all my beds a couple of times a week for the next month and then give them a final finer  tilling with the rake and that should be about it.

I wont be sowing anything until April outside but I'll probably put my later garlic and some onion sets in at the start of March,neither of which really require finely prepared soil.


I've got myself a Facebook Page click the link if you're interested,Cheers.



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