February 2013




February 1st.

February already......

My Seed potatoes arrived today which is always a good sign and the most important thing to do now is to "Chit" them.


This simply involves placing all the potatoes with the end of the potato which has the most eyes,upwards in either egg boxes or some other tray.

If you just forgot about the potatoes and just left them in the bag somewhere dark, then long useless sprouts would start to emerge which are not good.

This way though,if you then place the potatoes somewhere cool but frost free and bright then slowly small dark green shoots will emerge and this will not only stop the spindly shoots growing but the potato will grow away faster once you plant it. 


Elsewhere on the plot nothing much happening other than continuing to empty and refill all my carrot boxes.

Some of the remaining carrots which weren't shown and just left have come through all the snow and freezing untouched so it's a real bonus to get fresh carrots out in February.


My best two onions from last year that I replanted for seed are racing along and this years show onions are still growing away steadily under the lights.

That's about it,I did a video of the Potato Chitting below.

Click to play.

Feb 10th.

Not much going on this week other  than the job of repotting my best Exhibition Onions into larger pots to grow on under lights.

Did a video of the task below.

Click to play,Cheers.

Feb 16th.

I've finally started to plant a few things this last week even if it's only a few Chillies,the sight of something germinating for a new year is encouraging.

I'm growing some stupidly hot Habaneros this year plus some more of the compact little Prarie Fire ones.


These are going to be grown on in my growlight chamber amongst the show onions as it's not bright enough outdoors yet and they'll just get leggy on a window sill.


I managed to get the petrol tiller going after stripping the carb down to find it all gunked up with last years old petrol and then decided to prepare the polytunnel beds by thoroughly mixing in a load of well rotted manure.

I nearly gassed myself in the process as a polytunnel isn't the ideal place to have a petrol engine running.


Outside on my numerous raised beds I decided to start to prepare the soil a little after rough digging them this Winter.

The cold and frost has really broken up my heavy clay soil and now it was the back breaking job of going through it all with a 3 pronged hand cultivator.


I went through it a couple of times and as you can see it really does make a good tilth.

I'll continue to do this another 4-5 times over the next month and then by late March it should be ready for planting.

As ever I did a vid,click to play,Cheers.

Stop Press !

I dug up a final giant carrot and had a brainwave.

Click the vid below to check that out.........

Feb 23rd.

Still not much happening other than me finding a load of Vine Weevil grubs in the soil of last years potted Strawberries.....which was wonderful.


Did a vid of what they look like if anyone wants to know.

I did manage to get my Garlic planted out today.

30 cloves of my own Solent Wight and my own strain smaller bulbs plus 20 or so of a giant variety that one of my blog watchers sent me...I'm really sorry I forgot your name but I think it was Tony.

Anyway It was snowing but it needed planting.

Will it ever warm up ?

Again another video because it's too cold to take photos and it was snowing.

Click to view,cheers,Dan.



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