August 2013




August 1st.

August already...


Had some mixed fortunes with the Garlic, my own strain is very good but some "Giant" purple stuff was very small and a bit mutated.

Did a video below of the first harvest.


Starting to get plenty of small cucumbers from the polytunnel now.


These won't win any prizes for beauty but "Marketmore" and "Chrystal Apple" are small,ugly and tasty.


The Shirley tomatoes are growing well but amazingly the Beefsteak variety "Marmande" are massive and already ripe.

I can only describe them as the tastiest fleshy tomatoey mush ever.

You must grow some as they are idiot-proof and a bush variety that just sprawls around and produces masses of massive early ripening fruit.


Similarly idiot-proof are these "Joes Long" Cayenne chilli peppers.

They're enormous and have been so easy to grow in the Greenhouse.

Potato wise I've harvested an odd pot of Kestrel.

Vid below....



Harvested the Show onions this week.

Most have gone to seed but these two were some of my Giant ones that were growing away merrily but I needed to harvest them in case the others don't store.

Again did a video of the harvest.

August 11,

Quick update.


The second batch of lettuce are now ready and being harvested, Little Gems and Lollo Rossa.

The Little Gems are better in the heavy rain as the open leaved ones tend to get full of soil in the downpours.


The Beefsteak tomatoes Marmande are still growing amazingly and ripening really well, as too are the Shirleys now so there'll be a tomato glut soon.


The Prarie Fire Chillies are now covered in fruit and hopefully these will start to ripen before Harrogate Show.


Since harvesting all the other Show onions this is the only one left growing.

It's now 23" in circ so I won't be beating my record this year.

All the banana shallots are now drying in the polytunnel.


Over on the Giant Marrow front these are the smallest 2 out of 4.

Still growing slowly so maybe I'll break my record this year.

Did a fortnightly plot tour video below click to play.

August 24th.

Quick belated update.


The Marmande Beefsteak Tomatoes have been amazing this year and continue to crop like crazy, also they ripen really quickly so If you've never tried these give 'em a go next year.

Starting to get plenty of Winter Squash on the plants in the tunnel now but yet again a complete Butternut failure.


Eaten all the new potatoes now including some amazing Pink Fir Apples and now just have the maincrop Sarpo Mira and Golden Wonder left growing.

Planted some more Charlotte in a couple of pots to try and get a really late crop of new potatoes, these will go into the tunnel when the nights get cooler.

Did a quick video of the Pink Fir Apple harvest below.



Got some Summer and Spring cabbages growing in modules which I'll plant into the polytunnel.

I'll tale them as Spring greens later if they don't heart up.

The giant onion has ground to a halt but still looks fresh, I'll leave it until the leaves die off and see how heavy it is.


And as it's show time for me fast approaching I couldn't resist pulling a carrot up from the polytunnel that had a slight crack in it just to see how big it was.

And as you can see it was a monster.

Did a quick video of the pull below, click to play, Cheers.


Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.





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