August 2011





August 1st.

Well,Summer seems to be flying by.

Took a few photos but stupidly managed to delete them all,so I'm afraid I'll have to leave you with another video of how things stand in the veg plot and some of the exhibition stuff.

Click to play,cheers.

August 6th.

 Had some odd weather this week,red hot one day and chucking it down the next...


In the polytunnel I'm still getting plenty of these mini cucumbers,these are called Marketmore and are handy size as you don't leave any hanging around in the fridge.

The first lot of climbibng beans are just about finishing now but the second batch I grew are just starting to flower ,so I should get another 4-6 weeks of beans from these.Variety Cobra.


Got a final batch of Little Gem seedlings growing which will go outside in a week or so and will be the last of the lettuce in around September time.

I sowed some early sprouting brocolli as an afterthought and It's probably a bit too late but I'll chuck it in the polytunnel and just see how it goes.

Got a few more Cabbages and Kale planted outside so hopefully these should be ready late September ish.


Outside the lettuce and beetroot are still going strong and the Beetroot have been particularly good this year for some reason and they're only the bog standard variety Bolthardy which cost about 39p from Wilkos.


The second batch of peas are going well,these are for one of my shows and are supposed to be Mildew resistant.Variety Dorian.

As you can see I already have some mildew forming on the lower leaves of my Hurst Greenshaft which seems early even for up here.


The worlds slowest growing spring onions still arent ready after over 4 months since sowing unlike this new variety of leek this year which are huge for this time of the year.Autumn Giant RAMI 3 ,daft name but look good leeks.


Harvested a few of the onions from sets just for a class we have at our local show in September,considering that they were the tiniest sets I'd ever seen and I thought they'd be rubbish I'm amazed with the size of some of them already,the variety was Setton.

The sunflower with the supposed 2ft head has started to open so It'll be interesting how big it actually gets.


Still on the flower front,if anyone wants a superb idiot proof display of white poppys then simply go to your local Asian shop and buy some edible poppy seeds which come in bags with about a million seeds in and just chuck 'em anywhere.

8 weeks later and this is the effect you'll get.


To prolong the spud harvest this year I decided to get some summer planting ones and I'm growing them in the same 17 litre polypots I grew my show spuds in and I'll grow these in the polytunnel.

I also planted some in 35 litre pots too.Hopefully these should be producing new potatoes from November onwards.

August 13th.

What a week,almost 5 inches of rain and the river flooding as high as I've seen it in my life.

Anyway,after my initial trouble with the tomatoes they seem to be OK now and I'm starting to get a few ripening.


I've also got a super truss of cherry tomatoes forming with over 100 tomatoes and another 50 flowers on just one truss...crazy. variety "Sweet Million"


Pulled  a couple of leeks up this week as they're big enough to harvest even this early on in the year,they did look promising from day 1.Variety "Autumn Giant Rami 3" also the slowest growing spring onions in history are finally ready after 4 months !  ridiculous.


Started to take the odd Red onion this week as they're big enough,really pleased with them this year as I've only had one go to seed after remembering to buy "Heat Treated" sets this year.

Harvested all my Exhibition Show Onions too this week and stripped them back ready to ripen them off.

These were all around the 3lb+ mark but a cracking shape.see the exhibition show veg section for more.


Pulled the first proper carrots,these are the same variety that I grow for shows "Sweet Candle" and honestly they are the sweetest carrot out there by a mile.


Starting to get a few peppers ripening to red and my chilli plants are looking pretty good,this variety is Prarie Fire and the chillies all grow upwards and outwards from the leaves and it's also a really compact bushy plant.


I've been trying to grow a few sunflowers this year and the variety was Titan.

It's supposed to grow to 15 feet and have a 2ft 6" head ?

Well the one outside is about 10ft tall with no head and the one in the polytunnel is about 6ft tall with a pretty big looking head starting to form.

The vandalising Horses were at it again this week.


About 5 metres of wall down but thankfully they didn't get in and eat everything.


So this time I had to build it back up right from ground level....oh joy.


I'm starting to get the hang of this dry stone walling lark,mind you the thought of doing it in Winter,,no thanks.

Anyway that's about it,did a vid of the floods to play,cheers. 

August 20th.

Crap weather continues...but time to harvest the Garlic.


This is about the best crop of Garlic I've had size wise and I can pretty much guarantee it'll store for a year as I am down to my last bulb from last years crop.

I always save about 6 of my biggest bulbs to re-plant next Spring,so this year's crop is effectively a 4th year improved strain from the original Wilkos bulbs I planted back in 2008,and they seem to get better year on year.

So I suppose that's a bit of selective strain re-selection on my part ?


As you can see they're a pretty decent size,especially as I only plant mine in late March rather than in the Autumn like a lot of folk do.

I thought I'd pick a few of the best and let them dry out for a class at one of the shows.


I pulled all the big onions grown in pots this week with the biggest weighing in at 6lb 4 oz,If I hadn't made a mess of adding too much fertilizer to the pots then they would definately been bigger,but hey ho !


I thought I'd plant the Early sprouting brocolli plants in the spare oninon pots,I think I am way too late sowing these but as they'll be in the tunnel over winter they may grow a bit faster and catch up.

Outside the second lot of cabbages and curly kale are growing pretty well and should be ready mid Sept onwards.


The second batch of peas I grew for shows and eating the rejects seem to be growing well.

These are called "Dorian" or "Big Boy" and I grew these because of the reported Mildew resistance.

So far not a trace of mildew and judging by the size of the 1st few pods a pretty large pea too.


And finally after my problems with some of the tomatoes in the greenhouse I have some reasonable ones growing at home in a lean too store with just a skylight.

Hence the reflective backing to intensify the little light they get.

These are always late to ripen but are ideal for the late shows and good for getting toms well into October.

August 26th.

Well,almost the end of August and It feels like Autumn already up here.

Been a bit busy this week so decided to just do a final video of the whole plot as it stands.

So click below to play it,cheers.



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