August 2010




August 1st

Well,into August and Summer seems well and truly over up here,no sunshine for 3 weeks and persistent rain.

Still harvesting like crazy but I'm amazed at the size of the Broccoli heads.


I left one to grow thinking it would just burst into a giant flower,but no,it just kept growing...enormous.

Over on the Giant Pumpkin attempt the plant is going bonkers but I've only just got a couple of fruit to set so they'll only have about 6-7 weeks to put on any weight.


It's growing about 6" in width and a foot in length every day.


Gotta be over 20 feet long and about 12 ft wide.


Anyway these are the 2 I've got pollinated so we'll see how they progress.

Over on the Exhibition Onion front they are still growing reasonably but not quite as big as I would have hoped.


The novelty big red ones are doing well considering they are only in pots about half filled with compost.

But over on the Show carrot front apart from the ongoing pest problems I seem to have a rodent of some sort.


Just as they were getting big,one has been neatly excavated and gnawed.

I'll have the last laugh though,mouse trap and rat traps are GO !!!!!

And finally over on the Tomato front I can say without doubt that I've never grow any as good as this before.


Continuing with the regime of stripping back the leaves the tomatoes seem to respond by getting bigger.


I've never had big tomatoes fully ripened in July before.

I've managed to get 7 trusses set where as I usually struggle to get 5 normally,I can only put it down to the Spring heatwave we had. 

August 7th.

Well,another week of solid rain and no sunshine at all.


A few of the onions have started to flop over which means that they'll not grow any bigger.

So as soon as this happens I pull them up and put them inside the polytunnel on racks leaving the leaves on to dry them out.

Ordinarily if we ever had a decent Summer these days you could dry them outside and cover when rain was forecast.......but....well you know the rest.


Still over in the tunnel,the shallots I harvested earlier are drying out really well and I'll trim the tops right back once completely dry.

And at last !! I have a few peppers forming.


My garlic is still growing strongly but I couldn't resist pulling one up to see what size they'd got to.

I was more than happy with the size and hopefully another 2-3 weeks of growth they should be more than big enough especially considering I only planted them in April.


I'm more than happy with the new variety of Leek I tried this year "Longbow" they're almost big enough to start pulling already and considering that they're only about 9" apart they are a really good size this early on.

Disappointingly though the giant heads of Broccoli I cut earlier haven't induced the plant to send out any secondary growth of smaller spears so to be honest It's a waste of time growing such a big plant for just one harvest.


Over on the potato front I'm really impressed with the yield of Kestrel of a good 3-4 lb per plant and the size of some means I can even have some for baked spuds.

I find that once they get bigger they go really dry and are Ideal for roast potatoes.


And the Nicola earlies are getting a bit larger now but are still fine if you cut them up.

You do tend to get som pretty phallic mutants too which is a bit of light relief when you're harvesting them in the pouring rain.

August 14th

Well,just I was about to give up on my Broccolli starting to produce any secondary spears...It did.


My Garlic all toppled over this week so I decided to lift it all.


I usually wash all the bulbs in a bucket of water to get all the soil off before leaving them to dry with all the leaves on,on a wire rack.


Still picking the second batch of Iceberg lettuce and little gem and as you can see the spring onions are getting huge with all the recent rain.


I sowed a few little turnips a while ago and these seem to be doing ok so far,the tomatoes in the tunnel are getting so heavy that they'r ripping the trusses from the stems.


Still getting a glut of courgettes and my peppers are growing pretty well after the slow start.


I sowed a few lettuce and baby carrots into some plastic troughs as a back up incase the weather gets bad so I can get a bit more stuff into September and October and everything's come up well,even the "Paramex" carrot seed which had a sow by date of 2004 !!

And also in the tunnel all the onions from outside are drying away.


Over on the Giant Pumpkin front I've eventually got a couple growing,only about melon size at the moment but they can really gain weight fast given the right weather.


And finally on the novelty Giant Red Onion attempt I pulled 2 up today and the biggest weighed in at 4lb 2oz.

                    Giant Record Breaking Red Onion


That's everything that's gone on this week folks,thanks a lot for taking a look.

I'll do my best to keep the weekly updates coming,thanks.


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