April 2013




April 1st.

April is here,wahey !!!but it's still bloody freezing.


Spent most of the week slowly digging my veg beds out of the snow,but slowly it's starting to thaw out.

Fixed some of the wind break around the place that had been wrecked in the recent blizzard.


I would usually direct sow all my lettuce,beetroot and other stuff at this time of year but this year I'm having to set them off in the greenhouse and hopefully plant out later when it warms up.


At home my tomatoes,peppers and chilli plants are finally starting to grow on a little but they are painfully slow at the moment.

The 25 day speedy salad leaves seem to be going well on about day 12 from sowing the seed.


My shallots,leek and spring onions were just getting too leggy at home on the window sills so I've put these in the tunnel and covered them is fleece to try to keep them a little warmer at night.


Managed to get some Strawberry plants to replace the ones that were infested by vine weevil,and at just 1.49 for 6 plants it didn't break the bank.

Temperature got down to -5.3C on Friday night inside with all the doors shut so god knows how cold it was outside.


On a brighter note,now that the hour has gone forward I can now get some gardening done after work until 8pm.

April 13th.

Finally the weather warmed up a bit so  managed to get a bit of planting done this week.


First off were the peas "Hurst Greenshaft"

I plant these under some 10mm mesh protection to stop the mice eating the seed before it has time to germinate.

Did a video of how I go about sowing below.

Next to go in yesterday evening were the potatoes in pots.


I'm growing some Charlotte for first earlies,and for maincrop,Golden Wonder which are amazing for chips and Roasts,some Pink Fir Apple,Kestrel and for the first time ever some Sarpo Mira just in case we have a massive Blight outbreak like last year.

I plant 2 potatoes in each 30 litre pot with 2-3 oz of Blood fish and bone mixed into the bottom 3" than add another 3" of compost.

Did a video of the process below.

I'm quite happy with this years tomatoes so far,and they aren't getting as leggy as usual as I have them under a couple of 30w lights on the window sill for some supplementary lighting.


The chillies and peppers at the front are growing painfully slowly as usual.

I decided to grow some Speedy Salad Leaves which are supposed to be ready in about 25 days.


As you can see there's enough for a small picking after the said 25 days,so it did work.

Did a video of the sowing and growing below.

Finally got some Carrots sown and my Onion Sets planted out.


I'm growing Early Nantes carrots inbetween 2 rows of Garlic hoping that they will act as a bit of a deterrent to the Carrot Fly.

The onions are Setton and Red Baron planted 6" apart in rows 12" apart.

2 more mind numbingly boring videos below.

I also got all my Big Show onions planted last Sunday.


As you can see they're a fair size and really needed to be planted out in the polytunnel.

The last video this week below.


April 21st.

With some warmer weather this last week things have finally started to grow a little.


The potatoes I planted in pots in the polytunnel back in February have finally sprouted,so It's pointless planting so early if we have cold weather like this year as it just sits there dormant.

The strawberry plants I planted out a couple of weeks ago have their first flowers,so a few early fruit hopefully.


I got 15 tubs of potatoes planted outside.

I've gone for a few Sarpo Mira this year just in case we get a blight outbreak like last year,then hopefully these should survive a little better.

The garlic is all through now and growing away well.

Did a video of the spud planting process below.


All the salad seedlings are germinated now,this is the first time I've not direct sown all my lettuce etc as it was just too cold this year.

The banana shallots and leeks are coming along nicely too.

My tomatoes and chillies are ticking over slowly at home,but it's still a bit too early to plant into the greenhouse.

Did a quick tomato update vid below.


The few surviving purple sprouting broccoli plants have produced some monumental heads almost cauliflower size and there are quite a few spears voming lower down,even after the mice nibbled the buds off earlier.

Managed about 30 seconds in the hammock on Friday night until 20 seconds later the whole thing snapped and I had a meeting with the pallet below.

Caught a few more bits with the hidden video cam but the final few seconds of this one was a cracking sight.


I've got a YouTube channel full of various vids here : AllotmentDiaryYoutube

And I've got myself a Facebook Page click the link if you're interested,Cheers.


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